Mika, All She Wants: testo, parole, traduzione italiana

Testo completo, parole e traduzione italiana canzone Mika, All She Wants. Mika, All She Wants Testo e traduzione italiana. Mika, All She Wants: testo e traduzione completa Mika, All She Wants – Testo Canzone, traduzione italiana Mika, All She Wants – Ecco il testo completo della canzone It’s an age-old conversation That is changing with the times. But it’s oh, so complicated If your mother is like mine All that she wants are the stars and the moon A son with a wife and a big living room All she wants Is another little special arrangement A peculiar engagement Got the trophy wife that’s respectable To avoid any spectacle It’s another simple solution For my mother’s delusion Get her some adorable pictures done For her mother in Lebanon (…)Leggi l’articolo completo Mika, All She Wants: testo, parole, traduzione italiana (723 words) © Riccardo Conti for YourLifeUpdated | News dal mondo hi-tech, 2016. | Permalink | No comment | Add to del.icio.us Post tags: Canzoni, Download, MP3, Musica, Video, YouTube

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Pubblicato il: 25 Gennaio 2016

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